Monday, 10 March 2014

Year 3

Welp... accidentally deleted everything I've posted since getting into Sheridan hehehe... I was cleaning out old pictures and files on my tablet without realizing my blogger was still connected with my google device... As a result I've decided to make the move over to Tumblr where you'll occasionally find sketchbook doodles and paintings (Their page layouts offer way better customization and things aren't as clunky as blogspot in my opinion). I'll still occassionally update on here....maybe...

Dropping off a few pieces as a sneak peak to my first professional portfolio since entering Sheridan. You can check out the whole gallery over in the sidebar. Third years been crazy busy but exciting at the same time since you really feel the pressure of transitioning from student to professional. The third year film is making good progress and will be screened sometime in April so stay tuned!

Here's to a new start!

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